What is Cyber Snails?
Cyber Snails is a generative Ethereum NFT collection. Snails give access to the Cyber Snails Discord community which will be the ultimate NFT alpha group - benefitting from the extended networks of the founders, advisors and community to receive early access and rewards from the community wallet as it grows.
What are Cyber Keys?
Cyber Keys are a collection of 1000 NFTs that grant each owner early access to the Cyber Snails Discord, the ability to mint 2 Cyber Snails at WL, and geometric acceleration on $UPLOAD accrual. More info in the whitepaper.
What is the Snails Alpha Service?
Cyber Snails Holders will have access to calls and information on profitable projects to mint and flip, or buy and hold. The founding team has a proven track record of calling good projects as well as the network needed to access early information and whitelist spots. They have had an ROI of more than 3800% in the last 5 months alone. The combined network and knowledge from the team and community will supercharge this even further.
What is $UPLOAD?
$UPLOAD is the ERC-20 token that will govern the Cyberverse. The token is passively generated daily by staking Cyber Snails. Owning a Cyber Key will accelerate the $UPLOAD accrual of a Cyber Snail. $UPLOAD also has additional utility outlined in our whitepaper.